Tuesday, May 03, 2005


This was the main exercise for class today. Supposed to be a dialogue about something you did but weren't supposed to/wanted to do but weren't supposed to/something along those lines.

The decision was mine to make, and mine alone. Should I listen to the countless aeons of human knowledge that had come before me? Or do I dare to defy convention, and t hus make myself a hero for the ages? Good Me and Evil Me decide to chime in from their vantage points on my shoulders.

EM: Dude, it's going to be totally freaking sweet!
GM: Nay, Sean. You know what dangers accompany this feat.
EM: Oh come on! Don't let this pussy talk you out of it!
GM: Will you sacrifice your health and well being for but a few moments of fleeting fame?
EM: Look, I'll give you a dollar.
GM: Do not be tempted by earthly fortunes.
EM: Ok, fine. 5 bucks.
GM: Stay strong Sean! Do not be led astr- wait, did you say 5 bucks?
EM: Yup. I've got my buddy Abe Lincoln right here, pal.
GM: Oh, well then. 5 bucks is 5 bucks. I say go for it man.
EM: Holla!

With a barest hint of trepidation, I reach before me, selecting the two components of the most dreaded of elixirs. A small tearing of a bag. The hiss of decompressing air. In one deft manuever, I empty the contents of the pouch into the canister. Knowing my window of opportunity is brief, I quickly raise the brew to my lips, chugging as fast as my throat will aloow. I finish, slamming the can down onto the table. The crowd of onlookers waits with bated breath. Thumping sounds are heard as those with weaker constitutions faint dead away. Will I survive this horrific situation? It's been said that many a lesser man has succumbed t just such a concoction as mine, shuffling off this mortal coil. Tick tock, tick tock. 30 seconds, a minute. A sound is heard from the crowd. A single clap. Slowly, it builds up, gaining in speed and volume, until it reaches a deafening crescendo. A man rushes up to me, shaking my hand enthusiastically. "Wow! That was amazing! Pop Rocks and Coke! I didn't think you'd make it, man!" I merely shrug my shoulders, a modest smile crossing over my face. "Well, I am awesome, you know."

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