Tuesday, May 03, 2005

An Ode to Pen and Paper

We had about 15 minutes left in class today, and our teacher told us to write an ode to our pen and paper.

Oh marvelous pen! You have functions galore!
Be it writing, or drawing, or twirling and more.
But let's not forget paper, your tried and true friend,
For without him, your usefulness comes to an end.

Oh paper and pen, such a duo dynamic!
Without both of you, I surely would panic.
My pen stays in my pocket, ever ready for use,
Sticky notes in my wallet, their color chartreuse.

Click clack goes your voice, and you're ready to write,
Words of black ink, upon paper that's white.
Clack click, the reverse, you retreat to your home,
for the writing's now done, that's the end of this tome.

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