Wednesday, May 04, 2005


And here's the one I did for Monday.

Today is Monday,
The start of the week.
The end's far away,
Yet tonight has a peak.

At 9 of the clock
I flip over to FOX
This comes as no shock,
But 24 really rocks!

Have you seen this show?
It is brilliance distilled.
Lots of action, you know,
Plus lots of people get killed.

My hero, Jack Bauer,
Played by Sutherland, Kiefer,
Saves the day every hour
And he doesn't smoke reefer.

It' s done in Real Time,
That's the show's main appeal.
One time Jack shot a mime,
Just to see how it'd feel.

Ok, that was a lie,
A fabrication by me.
The mime was a spy
And Jack just shot his knee.

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