Wednesday, May 04, 2005


The overall assignment for the class is to write 15 poems and 10 pages of prose. Of the 15 poems, 8 have to be the same type. I decided to do a ballad based on each day of the week, and then I'll come up with one more to get in my 8. Here's Tuesday.

Today is Tuesday,
Oh glorious news!
Now get out of my way,
Or I'll give you a bruise.

I hop in my car,
And I drive down the road.
My destination's not far,
Unless you're a toad.

The bright yellow sign,
I espy with my eyes.
What soon shall be mine,
I'll reveal the surprise.

Oh music and movies!
CDs, DVDs!
Best Buy is quite groovy,
new releases for me!

My paycheck now spent,
My addiction now fed.
But what about my rent?
Ah! Tell the landlord I'm dead!

I now sink into bliss,
New purchases galore.
Best buy gets blown a kiss,
Oh how I love that store!

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