Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ode To A Stick Figure

This is one I had written in high school, but used for this class since I like it.

As I enter the room, the doubt sets in,
My heartbeat quickens, I get clammy skin.
Because, I discovered, I forgot about my exam,
And my mind is closed up, tight like a clam.

I look at the test, it is multiple choice.
Dial down the center? Or listen to my inner voice?
I go with my instincts, and I’m lead through the fog,
For at the top of the page, helping, are DD and Dog.

Oh those comical characters, with their rapier wit,
Their style, to use cunning guile, so you’ll smile bit.
They are masters of jokes, although they are lame,
They sour good taste, and humor they maim.

But is that not the point? To make people groan?
To provide funny fodder so bad, they only can moan?
Though the jokes are all flops, this poem is tops, it just never stops,
It goes from line to line like a fast rabbit that hops.

Let’s toss in a one-liner, just to add flavor,
What’s a botanist’s fave candy? Why, a leaf-saver!
And on that final note, I must leave you, my friend,
For this poem, you see, has come to an end.

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